How much screen time do you allow your children in the school holidays? What devices are age appropriate? After interviewing a 8 year old boy on the perfect school holiday eighty percent of his ideal day involved screen time.

The experts are suggesting that by ensuring that healthy screen time is promoted in childhood that it allows people to make better choices on what activities they choose later in life.

The Department of Health Australia Physical Activity guidelines  advises that you should not have anymore than  2 hours screen time for children between 5 – 17.

If you want to get your kids off the screen and active this school holidays then here are some great boundaries to put in place.

1. Create a strict daily tech time

Advise the kids the times that they are allowed to play on their devices and keep a timer close by.  Set the alarm so it reminds you screens down.  Be jovial but strict.

2. Family tech time

Instead of kids being lost in their own world, play technology games that involve the whole family.  Wii U sports games are great as they are active and you can play as a family. Karaoke night on the PlayStation and quiz nights are also a great way to include technology into family life.

3. Be a role model

If as a parent you have your hand connected to your phone then maybe it’s time for you let it go.  Those emails and calls can wait!  Our children learn from us so it is important to practice what we preach.

4. Set up device rules

For each device keep a list of rules attached.  This can include not being on the internet without an adult, out of bounds games, not downloading apps or games without permission.  There have been a number of cases where parents have received thousands of dollar bills from kids downloading games without permission.  Ensure that you change your passwords regularly and keep them hidden.

5. Go camping

If you really want to get the kids away from technology then go camping.  Kids can be kept entertained for hours with a tent, camp fire and bikes.  Bring along your favourite board games and guitar for camp sing along’s.

Create your children’s school holiday memories by planning fun, entertaining non technology activities.  You will get resistance at first but be firm and keep your cool. Your child’s health and happiness over the school holidays is important. Good luck and happy tech free school holidays?

I would love to hear what you do to cap screen time in your house.

Karina x